Circo S88

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Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon

Friction: 0.35 – 0.38

Temperature: 0 – 600degC

  •  Performance upgrade brake pads for trackday / enthusiast / Heavy Duty.
  • Performance pads, ok but not ideal on the street.

Works from low temperatures and fade resistant so is suitable for hill climb and also low level rally and low and sprint events.

CIRCO S88 brake pads are a low-steel carbon based compound suitable for heavy duty, performance and light enthusiast track day use. Low steel properties make this pad popular for those looking to upgrade to exceptional performance without compromising on too much comfort.

This pad is ideal for:
High Performance Street Use
Track Days, Hill Climbs, Rally
Serious enthusiast driving

Why buy this product?
100% made in Japan with world best practices

  • Designed for use in application where low temperature friction is required
  • Very high levels of modulation
  • Excellent all-round brake pad suitable for daily street use in high performance applications
  • Works instantly from ambient temperatures
  • Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear.