Floor Mounted Bulkhead Fit - V3 Pedalbox

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Mounting Location: Floor Mounted Bulkhead Fit.

Pedal Ratio: 5.05:1 to 5.45:1 (adjustable).

Weight: 2.6 kg (with Bias Bar, without Master Cylinders).

Approx Dimensions: Width 260mm, Pedal Height 280mm, Box Depth 140mm, Depth Including Master Cylinders 250mm.

Optimum Balance Products Ltd (obp Ltd) PRO-RACE range of pedal boxes are proving to be very popular with race teams worldwide. These pedal boxes represent a major step forward in car control, giving the driver better feel, greater dexterity and the most important bit, the PRO-RACE range is lightweight, flexible and ergonomically efficient. All 3 pedals pivot on oil impregnated bushes, giving an incredible smooth motion with very little maintenance.


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals, Pads and Box
  • Hard anodised protected finish
  • Adjustable Brake Pedal Ratio
  • Adjustable Up, Down and side to Side Pedal Pads
  • Responsive Accelerator Spring Return
  • Adjustable Accelerator Stop
  • Adjustable Clutch Overthrow Stop
  • Upgraded strenght and rigidity design
  • Fully Adjustable Brake Bias / Balance System
  • DBW Electronic Accelerator Upgrade
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • 1 x Pro-race V3 Pedal Box
  • 1 x Bias Bar
  • 3 x Master Cylinders
  • 3 x Reservoir
  • 1 x Reservoir Bracket
  • 1 x Brake Bias Adjuster