Maglock Helmet Air Quick Disconnect

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Maglock Air Helmet Air Hose Disconnect Kit is the fastest, safest and best way to connect a helmet air hose to your forced air helmet. Using rare earth magnets that positively lock the supply hose to your helmet connector to provide full flow when connected, and disconnects easily during a driver change or emergency egress. 

De-Coupling: There are two different levels of force we use to disconnect the supply hose coupler from your helmet coupler. If we pull in an on-axis direction (straight away) the force is considerably great. How great? 35lbs. This is to prevent any accidental disconnects and provide a positive locking seal of that valuable clean fresh, cool air. For normal disconnect, we use an off-axis pull (on an angle) and the removal force is only 10lbs. This is much more manageable and how we disconnect our beautiful carbon fiber helmet.

Maglock Air Storage:No longer will you have your helmet air supply hose somewhere behind your seat, just barely out of reach. The Maglock Air kit is complete with a chassis storage plate to dock your air supply air hose when accomplishing a lightning fast driver change or loading the race car into the trailer for the trip home. Maglock Air thought of everything with this complete kit