Schumacher SPi 3 SPI 12V 3Amp Battery Charger

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SMSPI3 | Schumacher SPI 12V-3A Battery Charger Features Fully automatic microprocessor Reverse hook up protection Safety shut off / spark – proof Thermal runaway protection Next generation in lithium-ion technology Start-up threshold (v) less than 0.2v.

Energy efficient extends battery life Quick-connect harness Charges lead-acid batteries Suitable for all 12V power sport and automotive batteries including 4 cell LITHIUM LiFeP04 NEXT Next generation in lithium-ion technology 150-9: 3 AMP Hook attachment.

Digital scrolling display 8-stage charging – 3x faster Scrolling digital messaging - the easy-to-read animated display provides step-by-step instructions to properly charge your battery.

“Fully charged auto maintaining” “Connect clamps” and “Analyzing battery” are some of the scrolling diagnostic prompts the unit provides 4 characters at a time to make the charging and maintaining process effortless