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The Stilo ST5 F composite helmet is part of the hugely popular ST5 range of helmets developed to offer the very best in performance and comfort. This F composite version is ideal for open cockpit racing where radio communication is required. This helmt is built with a muff system as per the ST5R and WRC & Trophy Helmets, which includes a magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone

  • Integrated Plugs: No more hanging cables and possible breakages. The whole electronics package is integrated into the helmet as well as the plug connecting to the intercom. The plug is on the right hand side of the helmet.
  • Adjustable Microphone: Magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone. Supplied with spacers to move the microphone position closer to the driver’s mouth.
  • Earmuffs: Offer excellent isolation from external noises and contain the intercom speakers. The pressure on the head from the earmuffs can be adjusted by changing the special foam rubber pads positioned between the earmuff and the helmet.
  • Drinks System Connection Plug: Built in to the helmet on the left hand side is the optional drinks system port. Allowing the driver to easily stay hydrated during a competition and with quick release couplings also making it easy to enter and exit the car.
  • Double Shell: Two different shells: one for small sizes (XS, S and M) and one for large sizes (L and XL).

The Stilo ST5 F has been developed with open cockpit racing in mind but if required, the visor can be removed and a short sun shade can be retro fitted to use in saloon or GT racing, The visor has been designed to provide better vision and lifts fully out of the line of sight. The locking clasp is central and can easily be opened with one hand whilst wearing gloves. Stilo have designed the ST5 shells so that the size large is available in a smaller shell size which is more lighter and more aerodynamic.

Front spoilers, rear spoilers, air intakes, visors, tear offs, short sun screen visors, top air systems and frontal drinking systems are all available to purchase separately.

If a helmet with without communication electronics and with a full visor is required then please consider the Stilo ST5 FN helmet,

Includes factory fitted FHR / HANS Posts

FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 approved