Top Mounted Cockpit Fit Pedalbox

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The Pro-Race range is a universal pedal solution suitable for most race applications. In 2012 some major upgrades to the Pro-Race series were made. The pedals’ pivot points have been redesigned to deliver smooth operation and eliminate side to side movement. Extra mounting points have been added plus additional strength to the body and pedals. Pedals have been tested to 250kg linear force and 200kg side force.

3 Pedal, 5:1 Pedal Ratio, Front facing cylinders.


  • Lightweight accelerator linkage included. Will accept single or twin cables.
  • Adjustable spring loaded accelerator pedal. Allowing the pedal to be positioned exactly to your requirements.
  • Balance bar giving you total control over the front to rear braking.
  • Adjustable clutch pedal stop, prevents clutch over-stroking.


  • 1 x Bias Bar
  • 3 x Cylinders
  • 3 x Reservoir
  • 1 x Reservoir Bracket
  • 1 x Brake Bias Adjuster
  • 3 x Feed hoses