Circo MB2632-28 AP 6-Pot V8 Supercar 28mm

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We have 3 options of Circo brake pads available for different competition uses, if your not sure which pads best suit your needs don't hesitate to call us to discuss options. 


S88 Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon

Friction: 0.35 – 0.38

Temperature: 0 – 600degC

  •  Performance upgrade brake pads for trackday / enthusiast / Heavy Duty.
  • Performance pads, ok but not ideal on the street.

Works from low temperatures and fade resistant so is suitable for hill climb and also low level rally and low and sprint events.

CIRCO S88 brake pads are a low-steel carbon based compound suitable for heavy duty, performance and light enthusiast track day use. Low steel properties make this pad popular for those looking to upgrade to exceptional performance without compromising on too much comfort.

This pad is ideal for:
High Performance Street Use
Track Days, Hill Climbs, Rally
Serious enthusiast driving

Why buy this product?
100% made in Japan with world best practices

  • Designed for use in application where low temperature friction is required
  • Very high levels of modulation
  • Excellent all-round brake pad suitable for daily street use in high performance applications
  • Works instantly from ambient temperatures

Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear

S99 Compound: Semi Metallic Carbon

Friction: 0.40 – 0.43
Temp range: 100 – 750degC

  • Performance upgrade brake pads for rally and sprint racing.
  • Competition pads, ok but not ideal on the street.

Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for club level circuit racing and rally, S99 is an excellent compound for competitors not wanting to spend top dollar, but still looking for world class performance. This pad is recommended for race and rally cars competiting from club level right through to semi-professional. CIRCO S99 is also great for road registered cars where the main focus is lap times and where protection against extreme brake fade is required.

This pad is ideal for:

  • Circuit / Rally / Hill climb
  • Tarmac Rally for medium sized cars
  • Track days for all vehicles

Why buy this product?

  • 100% made in Japan with world best practices
  • Made with high steel ingredients, for club to pro level motorsport
  • Very resistant to fade
  • For drivers wanting more stopping power and ‘feel’ (modulation)
  • Works from low temperatures so suitable for rally / sprint / hill climb


M119 Compound: Carbon-Metallic

Friction: 0.48-0.51

Temperature: 50-800 degC

M119 Compound is a specially formulated brake pad for gravel and tarmac rally use. The compound has been rigorously tested in top level machinery including WRC, S2000 and GpN as well as historic and modern tarmac rally use. M119 displays excellent resistance to fade for those longer stages whilst offering brilliant levels of low temperature friction.

  • High friction levels even at cold temperatures
  • High temperate ability – up to 800degC
  • Suitable for club rally to WRC!
  • Excellent modulation for driver control

Low fade characteristics for long stages


M207 Compound : Carbon Metallic
Friction: 0.45-0.56µ 

Temp: 250-920°c

M207 is the Heavy Duty brake pad in the CIRCO range. This pad has exceptionally consistent torque characteristics at all temperatures making it a must have for professional circuit racing at the very highest levels. M207 is extremely capable at higher temperatures where other compounds simply give up. 

  • Extremely stable friction levels
  • High Temperate ability - up to 920degC
  • Suitable for professional and endurance racing
  • The very best modulation for driver control
  • No Fade
  • Very low disc wear