Megalife Battery Charger

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Our 10A chargers are specifically designed to suit our range of MV and larger MR products.  This charger has a Constant Current/Constant Voltage type algorithm that is the most efficient and safest way to fully charge a lithium iron phosphate technology battery in the 4S configuration. 

To fully charged MEGALiFe Battery, like many LiFePO4 batteries in 4S configuration, a CC/CV algorithm set to 14.4-14.6v is required.  Once at this voltage, MEGALiFe Internal Battery Management System, will balance the cells and your battery will stay in pristine condition for years of reliable use.

With the vastly improved efficiency of lithium ion batteries, this 10A charger will give ultra fast charge times with added safety of keeping the battery at a safe voltage level.

Handy 'alligator' clip style to suit any mounting application.

For our smaller MR batteries and MB range we also offer a 2A charger