Stand 21 Ultimate Series FHR Device (20°)

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Stand 21 Ultimate FHR collar in the 20° recline. With over two years of development and 10 years of expertise in Frontal Head Restraint design and engineering, Stand 21 now offers the World's most evolved version to date. Weighing a mere 560 grams, they are almost 100 grams lighter than the current top-level devices on the market.

The all-carbon bodies of these new models combine an exclusive resin-transfer technology (RTM process), with a UD monolithic section. This refined monolithic technology has allowed a new design for the unit's arms, with their thickness now greatly reduced, down to 4mm compared with 14mm for current models. This has also allowed for an improved footprint to improve the fit between driver and harness. The arched top has been re-engineered and redesigned completely, offering a reduction in physical thickness to below 2mm, allowing a reduction of helmet-to-seat (or headrest) space to improve safety. The new Ultimate range includes Medium and Large sizes in both 20°, being the most popular of all, for use in Saloon, GT and Rally applications, and 30°, typically used in Single Seaters, Sportscars and Prototype applications with moderately reclined seats.

The Stand 21 FHR collars are supplied with black padding and a protective bag for storage. All Stand 21 FHR devices come with the vision sliding tethers as standard, we do sell these separately for retrofitting or to replace worn of damaged tethers. FIA 8858-2010 Approved.

Size Chart:
Medium - 15" to 18" (38cm to 45.5cm) neck/collar size
Large - Over 18" (over 45.5cm) neck/collar size