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For success on track, being able to communicate with your team and stay hydrated on the go is crucial to performing well.

Imagine if you could connect both your radio and drinks supply within seconds. Hassle-free! Our quick connect kit allows any type of radio plug to be connected together with the drinks supply.

It’s designed to eliminate any liquid from leaking when connecting the drinks supply, as it has a quick release dry-break fitting. The dry-break fitting stops the flow of your drink when disconnecting the drinks tube.

All you have to do is pull on the handle before getting out of the car. It comes with highly reliable and sturdy mounts which can be mounted on a roll-bar or flat surface.

This Quick Connect Kit is ideal for racing where quick driver changes are a must. 

Kit includes 

1 x Set of drink fittings  ( 1/4' barb )

1 x Roll bar mount 

1 x Handle for helmet

1 x Set of sleeves for different size radio plugs

Roll bar mount - for mounting direct to roll bar anywhere in car.